SAF 6 have full support of HD audio and HD video playback (including 10bit decoding),
Bitstream TrueHD and DTS MASTER audio using HDMI to an AVR
watch High Definition video playback for FREE.
SAF is working on all OS (Win XP/VISTA/Win7) x86/x64 - minimum is WinXP SP3.

You can watch nearly all possible video containers, including
 avi - mkv - mp4 - evo - divx/xvid - mpc - mov - flac - flv - ogg - rm/rmvb - wav (DTS) - ac3 - it - mod - s3m - etc...
in one player ! (MPC-HC)

If you like SAF, you may support this project by small donation.

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SAF download:

- SAF Key (install SAF key first)
- SAF6.3.2 (2016.09.13) - Changelog - Translation files
- If you are NextPVR user, do not forget to install Auto Refresh plugin for perfect video playback!

- SAF5.02 (outdated) - changelog
- SAF4.00 (outdated)

SAF have direct support for this PVR/HTPC) software:
- Media Portal


- - -